Education 2.0: Teachers in the bigger picture

Education 2.0: Teachers in the bigger picture

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With the rapid changes in economic systems; around automation, globalization and revenue diversification; the need for quality education has become more important than ever. Recent studies suggest that countries that do not make sure that their citizens have the right skills and competencies to function in a knowledge-driven world, face the risk of diminished economic competitiveness in the long run.

A good education system remains the vehicle to equip citizens with the best possible skills to achieve success in a complex and changing world. While the skills and competencies required to succeed are evolving, Nigeria education practices have not developed, leaving millions of learners vulnerable to unemployment shocks and other disadvantages now and in the years ahead. While we consider the interplay of other forces that shape education, the role of the teachers is coming into increased focus on a broader reform agenda.

We hope you agree with us that an important part of an education system is the teacher. The teacher is central to the overall scheme of things and no advancement in Nigeria education may be possible until a high level of teachers professionalism is attained at all levels of learning. According to McKinsey (2007), “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers,” holds true in the different education systems worldwide. And in Nigeria schooling system, the statement sums up the dilemma of current realities.  

That’s why in our Education 2.0 blueprint we paid particular attention to the teacher. We would like to encourage policymakers to look at the role of the teacher from a different perspective. Professionalization of teaching positions at all levels of learning and providing optimal working conditions in line with global best practices should be the bedrock of the new education system. This will be an important step to attracting and retaining top talents while helping to realize the core mandate of any modern schooling system – equipping learners to reach their highest possible potential in a competitive and globalized world.

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