Recruiting and preparing a world-class teacher workforce



Whatever the quality of our teachers is, that is the upper limit of the quality of our entire education system. Yes, this is literally true: no education system can be better than the people who are in charge of it. Unfortunately for us, the teachers of Nigeria have time and again proven themselves incapable of doing their jobs. According to randomized assessments of teachers in Kaduna and Kwara, a significant portion of teachers do not even understand what they are supposed to be teaching. According to education researcher John Hattie’s meta-analysis Visible Learning, there is no factor more influential on education than the teachers themselves. Unless we develop a better teaching workforce, we will never maker any real progress. Low intellectual capacity, poor teaching skills, poor training, substandard pay, and substandard working conditions: these are the causes of our dilemma. We need to be more diligent about the ways in which we select and prepare our teachers.


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