Strategic Goals for Nigerian Education



There is nothing that takes precedent before education as far as the future of Nigeria goes. Education, however, is not enough: we need high-quality education, education that is concentrated on developing valuable areas of knowledge and understanding. There are three core components to any education that is going to work for us in the long run: concrete goals, detailed plans, and an awareness (through analysis and evaluation) of where we are at.

Our education system cannot be a simple one. It should be straightforward, yes, but it must be engineered to deal with all the ways in which our country is declining. Our falling oil revenues, our booming population, our ranking among countries in terms of development. We have an opportunity to take a leadership role, but unless we are educating our young people, we are going to fail over and over. Our policies should approach education as something that can help to shape our future.

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Education 2.0: Reform Agenda Pillars.

Education 2.0: Reform Agenda Pillars.