Learning Environments


21st-century learning vision, 21st-century learning environments.

It used to be that education was just about picking up facts. You learned this, you learned that. Now, education is more about developing skills that can be applied to the modern economy. Creativity, problem-solving, imagination: these are the things that are not so easy to teach, and they are also the things that we need to teach most. Teamwork, social skills, digital literacy: unless we can help Nigerians to understand these concepts, we are wasting precious time and resources.

Part of the difficulty of putting together a high-quality education system is in attracting capable teachers. To do that, we need well-equipped facilities and competitive pay rates. The more we modernize our learning environments, the better off teachers and students alike will be. Nigeria has the resources to become a leader in advanced education systems, but we need our policies to match our aspirations.


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