The Intelisight Foundation – Converging People and Ideas

The Intelisight Foundation – Converging People and Ideas

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There are myriads of nonprofit think tanks around the world that exist to serve various interests and purposes. In developed countries, think tanks play some very crucial roles, for example, they conduct researches and provide objective analysis that makes policymaking easier to listening governments. They provide independent views but much more, they serve as a brain trust outside the influence of partisan politics. In West Africa, however, very few homegrown think tanks exist to serve the need of society and governments in a very impactful way. Ours will be an organization to fill a void. Intelisight for the Advancement of Societal Initiatives, or simply the Intelisight Foundation is a nonprofit organization being launched to complement the work of other similar organizations to broaden the space for ideas for governments, businesses and the wider society.

The Intelisight Foundation is made up of creative thinkers, writers, researchers, analysts, and change evangelists who wish to lend their time and brainpower to support the process of national transformation in a nonpartisan atmosphere. Our journey started with a motivation to do things differently, to provide insights derived through rigorous research, and to help inform policy where necessary. Often, ideas for reforms don’t come in a coherent and appealing way, and neither are those ideas aggregated in a well-resourced environment for consultation by relevant decision makers. It is our hope to provide not only a platform for developing and discussing strategic policy issues but serve as an idea warehouse for interested entities in governments, businesses and the general public.

We are starting with very ambitious goals, one of which is to provide an alternative strategy for the reforms of the education system through a range of recommendations to guide future policies. We will provide details of this effort in the nearest future. Education reform remains a core area of interest for us because the knowledge gained through high-quality education systems is essential to building prosperous 21st-century economies. We hope our ideas when unveiled will serve as a springboard for action not only in education but other areas.

We value the trust that is earned by integrity, transparency, high standards, diligence, capacity, prudence and absolute non-partisanship. We do not criticize governments or individuals. Our primary goal is to do research that leads to new ideas for governments and the societies they serve. Our aim is to evolve into an institution that transcends generations, and our forward-looking statements and self-imposed success criteria are a high motivation – a thrust for action and organizational continuity. If you are as passionate as we are to seek new ways to solve problems and kick-start the transformation to a knowledge-driven society, we invite you to join our Intelisight communities forum – an environment where you can share your ideas and contribute to our thinking for shaping the emerging future.

Insights-led reforms remain one of the most potent tools towards national reinvention and transformation and as  Lao Tzu famously said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Our story and our journey begin with you and the unshakable belief that with the right ideas we can succeed together.

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