Philip Egbetho

Posted by | October 2, 2017
It’s Time to Change the Code

I am fascinated by the amazing things we can do with computers - which come in many different forms. From smartphones to supercomputers, they all operate on a straightforward principle...

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Innovation Rhythms
Posted by | July 29, 2017
Innovation Rhythms, Strategic Capabilities and Quality Educational Systems

When you look at third world countries like Nigeria, the evidence of the impact of education both on the individual and society is hard to see. For example, a majority...

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Posted by | July 4, 2017
Let’s think about the future – #MyNigeria2050

Thoughtful investments of the past in quality educational systems by developed countries has ushered in an endless stream of innovations. For example, the blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Genomes, Gamification,...

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